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BB Exclusive Body Spray Duo

BB Exclusive Body Spray Duo

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What's in the Duo

   1. Body Spray | Limitless

Every spray of this bold and lasting fragrance from The Man Company in association with Bhuvan Bam will waft about you all day, making you feel limitless. At the first spray, sniff in the warmth of Tobacco. The sweet, smoky and mysterious nuances of this scent then lead to a floral heart of Iris, whiffing of elegance, spiced up with Guaiac Wood that ensures you make a strong presence wherever you go. A myriad of opportunities awaits you to go on a horizonless journey.

   2. Body Spray | Infinite

This unique and long-lasting fragrance from The Man Company, in association with Bhuvan Bam, takes you on the path of infinite opportunities every day as soon as you spray it on. With the first spritz, Grapefruit makes it a perfect example of bottled happiness. Followed by the heart note of Cedarwood, it warms your soul. Vetiver then adds charm to the perfume with its fabulously earthy, woody and smoky scent. Give your free-spirited self a treat with this charismatic fragrance and create an enduring impression.


[/short_description] [product_usps]Body Spray | Limitless - 150ml,Body Spray | Infinite - 150ml[/product_usps]


Key Ingredients

Body Spray - 

Other Ingredients: LPG, Extra Neutral Alcohol, Perfume, Diethyl Phthalate, Tertiary Butyl Alcohol, Sensidin DO, Isopropyl Myristate.

Alcohol Content: (95% v/v): 46 % denatured with 2.5% Diethyl Phthalate and 0.5% Tertiary Butyl Alcohol.




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