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Coffee Sugar Body Scrub with Coconut for Gentle Exfoliation & Smoothening - 250g

Coffee Sugar Body Scrub with Coconut for Gentle Exfoliation & Smoothening - 250g

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Coffee comes together with Sugar, a natural humectant, to create a uniquely exfoliating scrub that removes dead skin in ONE use. Coffee-Sugar Scrub with Coconut is infused with antioxidant-rich Coffee Particles and Ultra-fine Brown Sugar, that gently exfoliates and removes dead skin and reduces tan. Coconut extracts hydrate & refresh. Exfoliate with this delicious scrub to reveal super soft, smooth and glowing skin. Its 100% natural formula works to reduce dark spots & pigmentation by 80% as the exotic Coconut-Coffee aroma upgrades your shower experience. Go on and indulge, scrub some sugar and coffee on yourself.

67% Dead skin removal in 1 use
67% Exfoliation to improve skin texture in 1 use
80% Reduction in dark spots & pigmentation

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Gentle Exfoliation with Moisture-Lock

The ultra-fine texture of the sugar crystals, humectant in nature, along with coffee particles and coconut extracts, gently exfoliates skin to lift away dirt, oil, dead skin & other impurities and restores moisture-lock while hydrating the skin, stimulating circulation, improving your skin’s texture as well as giving it a spa-worthy treat. 67% Dead skin removal in 1 use
67% Exfoliation to improve skin texture in 1 use

Soft, Smooth & Glowing Skin

With regular use, the blend of antioxidant-rich coffee, sugar and coconut deeply penetrates, detoxifies and re-energizes the skin, helping it to slough off dullness, tan as well as scars while also reducing dark spots and pigmentation by 80%. It improves the appearance of your skin to leave it with an even-toned, super soft, smooth and glowing look.
80% Reduction in dark spots & pigmentation

Fall for Coconutty-Coffee Mix

The aromatic mixture of exotic coconut along with freshly grounded coffee is a tropical treat for the senses and makes exfoliation an indulgent affair for you. Add an enticing coconutty touch to your coffee skincare routine with this sugary tease.

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Step 1: Scoop out and apply on wet body

Step 2: Massage gently in circular motions.

Step 3: Focus on dry areas such as knees, elbows, etc

Step 4: Rinse off with water and pat skin dry.

Use twice or thrice a week for smooth and glowing skin.

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Coffee Freshly ground Coffee granules exfoliate, reduce tan, polish and leave skin smooth and soft.
Brown Sugar Ultra-fine Brown Sugar Crystals gently exfoliate, reducing scars without stripping natural moisture from the skin.
Coconut Extract Coconut Extracts boost hydration and refresh skin, to make it healthy, soft and supple.
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Is Brown Sugar good for skin?

Yes. Brown Sugar is a gentle yet effective exfoliant that removes dead skin, unclogs pores and evens out skin texture to leave skin feeling smooth and soft.

No, the body scrub contains Coffee and Coconut extract that remove dead skin while hydrating and nourishing skin. Brown sugar helps to even out textured skin, softening and smoothening it.

No, Coffee Sugar Body Scrub with Coconut is not drying on the skin. Exfoliating duo Coffee and Brown Sugar gently exfoliate skin, while Coconut Extracts offer skin with a nourishing and hydrating boost, leaving skin soft and smooth.

Apply the body scrub on wet skin. Gently massage in circular motions. Rinse off with water. Follow up with the use of a moisturizer and then sunscreen.

It is recommended to use the body scrub twice or thrice a week for best results. Consistent use of the scrub will result in healthy, smooth and glowing skin.



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