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Coffee Body Scrub for Tan-Free & Smooth Skin - 100 g - Natural & Vegan

Coffee Body Scrub for Tan-Free & Smooth Skin - 100 g - Natural & Vegan

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An aromatic blend of Coffee & Coconut, this award-winning Coffee Body Scrub is a game-changing body care product that?l leave you hooked! Ideal for both men & women, it? the best body scrub for tan removal and exfoliation. This caffeine body scrub also reduces cellulite & ingrown hair to reveal irresistibly smooth skin. It is a great choice for polishing dry skin and buffing away dead skin.

75% skin exfoliation removes dead skin cells to improve skin texture & provide smoother skin in 1 use
More than 97% of the subjects agreed that the product removes tan & dead skin, reduces appearance of cellulite & nourishes skin.

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Exfoliates and Smoothens

The Coffee Body Scrub gently exfoliates and polishes skin. With the perfect grain size to scrub away dull and dead skin, the body feels irresistibly soft and smooth right after first use.
75% skin exfoliation removes dead skin cells to improve skin texture & provide smoother skin in 1 use

Tan & Dead Skin Removal

With a dry blend of Coffee & Coconut Oil, the Coffee Body Scrub gets rid of dead skin and tan effortlessly to leave you with soft & smooth skin.
97% of the subjects agreed that the product removes tan & dead skin

Full Body Scrub

This scrub is crafted to ensure effective exfoliation & tan removal from the entire body. It works equally well on troublesome areas such as the neck, knees, elbows, underarms and feet.

Heavenly Aroma of Pure Coffee

Infused with the skincare powerhouse, Pure Arabica Coffee, the body scrub tones your skin. The aroma of freshly ground coffee beans elevates your senses, leaving you craving for more.

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Step 1
Scoop a spoonful of the Coffee Body Scrub and apply it on wet body.

Step 2
Gently scrub the body in circular motions to exfoliate and polish your skin.

Step 3
Focus on the neck, elbows, knees, underarms & feet.

Step 4
Rinse with warm water, pat dry and follow up with Choco Body Butter.

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Pure Arabica Coffee 100% Pure Arabica Coffee exfoliates, polishes skin and reduces cellulite & ingrown hair.
Caffeine Packed with antioxidants that fight free radicals, Caffeine even-tones and reduces tan.
Coconut Oil A skincare favourite, Coconut Oil nourishes and moisturizes skin, leaving it smooth & irresistible.
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What is the main benefit of Naked & Raw Coffee Body Scrub?

To sum up the goodness of our body scrub - ABSOLUTE BODY EXFOLIATION with Pure Arabica Coffee and Cold pressed coconut oil. Bid goodbye to dead skin cells, blackheads, dullness and roughness. Embrace a body that? soft, smooth and radiant. Our Naked & Raw Coffee Body Scrub will unclog all pores and reduce ingrown hair. It will allow better absorption of moisturiser and thus improve your skin nourishment.

Our body sheds dead skin cells on a regular basis, which if not removed can lead to a host of skin issues like dullness, roughness and patchy skin. We need to regularly unclog the pores to keep the skin fresh. Exfoliation helps in the process. When you regularly exfoliate your skin it reduces the chances for your skin to break out. Exfoliation also helps to brighten up our skin and improves the performance of other skin care products such as body wash and moisturiser since it creates conditions for better absorption.

The Coffee Body Scrub provides a hassle-free experience as compared to homemade scrubs. Apart from that, our original Coffee Body Scrub is loaded with Pure Arabica Coffee which makes it much more effective for exfoliation & tan removal.

It? simple to use our Coffee Body Scrub. You just need to apply it on your wet body and scrub in gentle circular motions. Once done, you just need to wash it off and apply any body lotion to remove tan to give naturally glowing skin.

Coffee Body Scrub is a full body scrub. It is recommended for the whole body, except the face. While applying the scrub, you should focus more on darker areas of the body such as the neck, knees, elbows, underarms and feet for complete exfoliation.

Coffee Body Scrub is perfect for both men & women and it works amazingly well, leaving behind smooth skin.

The difference between the two is that face scrub is gentler than body scrub. Hence, we recommend you to choose a face scrub to exfoliate your face as its skin is more sensitive than the body.

Coffee stimulates blood flow, is an effective exfoliator, reduces cellulite and fights free radicals. Coffee also helps to reduce the inflammation that is caused by various skin issues such as acne, eczema and psoriasis. The various antioxidants and antimicrobial properties in coffee help in fighting various skin related diseases and infections. Coconut is a natural moisturiser. It reduces the dryness in our skin and hydrates it well. It goes deep in the pores and deep cleanses for a fresher skin. It reduces any irritations or itchiness and creates a soft and smooth texture. Coconut is also known for diminishing the signs of ageing such as wrinkles and reducing the temporary redness if any. Thus the blend of coconut and coffee makes it a perfect body scrub.

Scrubbing is advised twice a week for effective and visible results. You can scrub your skin at any time of the day but it is advisable to do body scrub early in the morning when the skin is fresh and healed from sleep. You can also scrub your skin if you feel abundant dust or dirt settled on the surface. After scrubbing it is advisable to moisturize skin for proper nourishment.

The Naked and Raw coffee body scrub uses very fine particles of coffee and is suitable for normal to oily skin types. For dry skin, we recommend using a moisturiser after the use for body scrub. The moisturiser will provide the right hydration and nourishment for your dry skin. You can use the Naked and raw coffee body scrub for sensitive skin too. It does not consist of any harmful chemicals and does not create any irritation or itching sensation. It is paraben free and is made from 100% organic ingredients.

Before scrubbing, gently cleanse your face/body with a mild cleanser. This will help to get rid of any leftover makeup or excess oil. Cleansing also helps to reduce the impact of pollutants and dead skin cells on our face. Seal the deal after scrubbing with a moisturiser or body lotion to close the open pores and to provide added nourishment to the skin. Moisturising your skin will help you to avoid extreme skin conditions such as dryness or oily ness. Using skin moisturiser on a daily basis after body scrub can help get rid of face spots and skin scars.

We advise you to keep the product in a cool and dry place. Should your scrub come in contact with water, fear not, just scoop out the damp portion out of the jar and use it. Avoid leaving the damp part in the jar to protect the product. Too much water kept in the jar can make the salt particulates liquify and become soft.

Our products are SLS and Paraben free! They are also 100% Vegan. Only the purest natural products are used. We do not use any chemical products while making our products. All the ingredients are 100% organic. Thus you are not likely to experience any skin problems such as irritation or itchiness by using our products. Thus, making our products very safe for skin consumption. They are also not tested on animals, and cruelty-free! Thus 100% ethical too.

The skin on our face is gentler than the rest of the body. It thus needs extra care. We recommend you use our Naked and Raw Face Scrub for the purpose to avoid any discomfort. The face scrub will exfoliate your face skin and help to get rid of all the dust and dirt settled in your skin pores. It will also make your skin much smoother and softer by removing all the dead skin particles. The face scrub reduces the appearance of the signs of ageing such as wrinkles and fastens the process of fading away scars and face spots.

Yes, the body scrub can be used after an intense workout or any other physical activity. We would recommend you use a mild cleanser before using the scrub for faster and effective results. The cleanser will get rid of any sweat or bacteria on the surface of your skin and thus avoid the clogging of pores. Leaving sweat on skin after working out can create itchiness and irritation sensations.

No worries! You can use any dry non-metallic scoop to take out the product from the jar. Avoid any contact of moisture with the product to keep it safe! Moisture can spoil the quality of your product so make sure to use a clean and dry scoop.

Everyone has their own shower habits and tastes, but when it comes to dipping into your scrub, there are some guidelines to follow. When used correctly, your sweet-smelling exfoliant has a lot of advantages for your skin. You should use your body scrub after you've used your body soap to get the most out of it. Body scrub routines are generally based on one? personal preference. We've heard of folks utilising body scrub both before and after using body soap. The best results are seen when one cleans the body with soap before applying scrub, it then gives the required exfoliation.

Body scrub is an essential beauty product which helps in maintaining the lustre of the skin. A good body scrub is said to eliminate the dead skin cells, stimulating blood cells and cleansing the skin. Walnut shell powder, sugar and salt are the main exfoliating agents used in body scrubs because of their abrasive nature. It is always advised to apply a body scrub with lukewarm water and let it stay for at least 3 mins post massage to get better results. Finishing your body scrub routine will give your skin the added moisture and you also get to enjoy the sweet lingering smell.



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